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Challenge 2050 Takes Center Stage at TEDxUF

By challenge2050 5 years ago

Dr. Tony Andenoro, Assistant Professor of Leadership Education and Academic Coordinator of the Challenge 2050 Project, was chosen as one of the 6 presenters to grace the stage at TEDxUF this year. A diverse selection of speakers presented at this year’s event, ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to faculty and community members. At each of the TEDxUF events, speakers are given around 17 minutes to present a TED-worthy “idea worth sharing.” The topics of this year’s event included using emotionally engaged thinking (EET) to solve tomorrow’s problems, using advanced technology to help people with disabilities, learning how to be receptive when dealing with illness and tragedy and demonstrating how to properly give aid to countries in need, just to name a few.

Andenoro’s presentation, entitled “The Key to Saving 9.6 Billion” stressed the importance of using EET to solve global problems such as food insecurity and a rapidly growing world population. He discussed how he uses EET in his Challenge 2050 classes, where students work to solve pressing issues facing agriculture and other critical contexts impacting global populations.

“There’s a misconception that many of these global issues will be solved by science or technology, and that we do not need to worry about it. However, that is not the case, because most of the issues stemming from population fluctuation are social issues. Technology and innovation will be critical in the future, but we need to complement them with social change grounded in real shifts in human attitudes and behaviors if we aspire to meet the needs of our growing population. I am very privileged to be associated with Challenge 2050. It affords us an opportunity to address global challenges and shift education through the use of EET to empower students to think differently and act authentically with respect to solving global problems,” Andenoro said.

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