The Challenge 2050 Project at the University of Florida

We believe in the power of human beings to change the world for the better. Aware, connected, creative human beings make innovative and inspired decisions. We cultivate the capacity for adaptive leadership and social responsibility in the next generation of global change-makers.

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April 4th 2017 

CHALLENGE 2050 paired with GatorNights to present one night of earth-saving fun! Join us as we tackle some problems, discuss life on another planet, construct our identities, plant seeds and many more amazing activities!

Get inspired and push your boundaries. Test what you know is possible. Come to GatorNights to build community and address complex adaptive issues in our world. Get some plants, walk on the moon and map your impact. We’ll be signing students up for fall classes, joining their club and advertising internship opportunities.


February 16th 2017 

ONE WORLD is an event like no other and creates an amazing opportunity for students to share their innovations that contribute to saving our world and recognize individuals dedicated to that cause. Students, submitted their ideas to ‘save the world’ in a video competition. Six students were selected to present their solutions in a TED talk style in front of UF faculty, policy makers, extension professionals, community development personnel, government officials and corporate partners. The six innovators won $500, and competed for the grand total of $1500 at our formal gala each spring


Seed and Flower Conference at EPCOT

January 28th- 31st 2017

ASTA was an incredible opportunity for students to meet with industry professionals and build relationships with people who are on the cutting edge of agricultural, nutritional, and technological sciences geared towards providing fresh produce to sustain lives around the world. We spoke with company representatives from around the world who devote their time to growing, harvesting, cleaning and marketing their seed in a culturally acceptable way. So often when we think of food we envision a farmer and the market, not the hands that pick the fields filled with radish seeds, or the prestigious machines designed to sort the tiniest seeds like lettuce to pumpkins and all sizes in between. Students couldn’t thank ASTA and HM CLAUSE enough for believing in them and giving them an eye-opening experience. “The conference gave me a new respect for the people and companies behind the food we eat and their dedication to the cause. I’m now considering a position in the agribusiness sector that was previously overlooked. Getting to know everyone at ASTA helped me realize that agriculture isn’t for the farmers and their farm stands but for everyone—it’s the foundation of life as we know it, so lets work to protect that and what it represents, (Corina McBride).”


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C

January 27th-28th 2017

Select students joined campus leaders from 10 other universities around the country to discuss the Holocausts’ impact on today’s society and culture. They analyzed history in hopes of using past events and their implications to negate current events in our society. Students were asked to present their findings in a 3 tiered program on their own campus.


November 30th-December 1st 2016

Students joined industry professionals and policy makers in an effort to understand production and operations HM CLAUSE’s research station in Immokalee, Florida. Students witnessed field and variety trials, met with geneticists, discussed the industry’s desirable traits for certain crops and discovered many tools used in commercial agriculture.


October 4th, 2016

University and Gainesville community explored the power of narrative through this interactive event supported by Target


February 19, 2016

Visit the website to apply to present, register to attend, or sign up to participate as a sponsor or partner!

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