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Hannah Harms

Harms-blackwhiteHannah Harms studies Environmental Science with a focus on fisheries and aquatic science at the University of Florida. She has a passion for coral reefs and she plans to use this desire to pursue a career in the marine field. As an avid member of CRU, a Christian organization on the UF campus, she spends a lot of her free time mentoring other students. Hannah also volunteers for any opportunity in field research that she can. Among other things, this has included working with manatees in Crystal River, studying oyster sedimentation in St. Augustine, banding Canada geese in Maine and using mist nets to catch and measure bats in Ecuador and Honduras. Hannah loves traveling and spending time outdoors, which is why she aspires to help preserve the habitats that exist on Earth today for generations to come.

As a Challenge 2050 scholar, she wants to use her position to help advocate for the environment and a sustainable way of life. By preserving the environment she will impact the economy, politics and culture of those living around the world.