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We believe in the power of human beings to change the world for the better. Aware, connected, creative human beings make innovative and inspired decisions. We cultivate the capacity for adaptive leadership and social responsibility in the next generation of global change-makers.

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Kate Rose

Kate currently serves as the second Program Associate, providing a point of contact for Global Challenge 2050 by connecting internal members with one another, interested students and involved organizations. She is currently participating in the University of Florida’s 4+1 program, which will allow her to simultaneously earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Marine Science. Since arriving at UF, she has been involved with research on habitat restoration in the Florida Keys and is looking forward to a career of performing research that provides the world with relevant information to address real world issues. Her interest in the ocean began at age 10, when Kate received her first scuba certification. She often recounts that she “started young and never really kicked the habit!” Her instinctual respect for marine life has grown into a visceral passion for the ocean and any efforts to restore is deteriorated ecosystems. When not working to protect the sea, Kate can be found rocking out to Broadway musical soundtracks (particularly Hamilton) or decorating her apartment (she has a box for every holiday!). Even in her off time, she still strives to maintain the concepts developed in one of her favorite movies, Alice in Wonderland. In one scene, the Mad Hatter asks Alice if he has gone mad, to which Alice responds: “I’m afraid so; you’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are.”

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