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We believe in the power of human beings to change the world for the better. Aware, connected, creative human beings make innovative and inspired decisions. We cultivate the capacity for adaptive leadership and social responsibility in the next generation of global change-makers.

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Kayla Waldorff

Waldorff-blackwhiteKayla has three passions in life; marketing, education and how are we going to feed a predicted population by the year 2050? Her goal is to combine these three things into a profitable business that will have an impact on the world.

The greatest revelation that she had after my first semester in the Challenge 2050 program was no matter how much her group tried to focus on one system (i.e. heath, economics, environment, social, and food) they always ended up tying in the other systems. This meant to her that the challenge needs to be looked at from all sides because you can’t focus on one system or topic. She also realized that this is not going to take one person and one idea, it’s going to take a lot of people from many different cultures and perspectives.

Kayla feels that she has become a stronger person through the Challenge 2050 program. She has developed a better skill set and is more prepared for the world. She also has the great desire to learn about everything that interests her. She feels that the more knowledge she has the better equipped she is to solve the problems she faces.