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Krystal Dixon

 Krystal is a combination of experiences, identities, and passions. She is a 3rd year, International Studies major; a Jamaican-born enthusiast of traditional African music and dance; and a lover of personal and cultural expression. Above all, she is a global citizen sincerely concerned with the trajectory our world has undertaken and how that affects the foundation of humanity: people and their interaction with their environments. For this reason she has focused her studies in understanding how the developing world has gotten to its current socioeconomic situation and creating solutions to the issues they face. This has further led her into service and internships with non-profit organizations and businesses that address these major global concerns; namely, Rural Empowerment and Development Innovations, which brings development support to small businesses in rural Kenya.

Broadly, her passions lie in shifting our world’s trajectory to one of global cohesiveness; where as a unit we are at peace with our selves, each other, and our physical environment. She is passionate about saving the world because she is highly cognizant of her connectedness to the world as a combination of social, environmental, political, and economic systems. She recognizes that the issues that impact the globe, be it population growth, poverty, food distribution, climate change, etc., is directly and indirectly affecting her. Therefore she knows that the progression of our world in peace and cohesiveness is the advancement of herself and her community and our propensity for a gratifying existence. And alternatively, the degradation of our world is the deterioration of herself and her community.