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Monika Oli, Ph.D.

oli Monika Oli, PhD., is a native Bavarian who studied in Germany (University of Regensburg), Scotland (BSc University of Edinburgh) and the US (MSc – Mississippi State University, PhD – University of Alabama at Birmingham, Masters of Science, Entrepreneurship – UF). She has been a lecturer in the Department of Microbiology and Cell Science since 2011 and her passion is teaching through experiential learning, including interactive lab courses, collaborative online courses and a study abroad experience called “Medicine, Microbiology and Health”. To facilitate successful student transition into “real” life, she also created a careers class that empowers students to embrace the next steps in their professional development.

Monika is a creative, innovative and passionate teacher. She was awarded the 2012/2013 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Teacher of the Year and was subsequently also chosen as UF Teacher of the Year. She has modernized microbiology labs and teaches personalized and authentic-research based modules that require students to acquire 21st century competency skills. She is passionate about disseminating the importance of microbiology in every day life and on a global scale and does this through a novel online course “Microbes without Borders” and through community engagement and outreach. She will convince anyone that Microbiology is at the core to find solutions for the Challenge 2050.

Her latest creation is a student-centered, interactive learning experience to introduce the art of fermentation and importance of probiotics back into the classroom, a passion that stems from her Bavarian heritage and her Masters thesis research. Monika is a true role model and compassionate mentor for all of her students and just tends to do things a little ……unconventionally.