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Nadia Mourad

nadia-bwNadia is a third-year Microbiology & Cell Science major. She volunteers at a Microbiology research lab that focuses on using microbes to facilitate the production of biofuels. In her free time, Nadia likes to paint, support local artists, read, and socialize with other like-minded people that can teach her something new every day. She has also been involved with multiple student organizations on campus, such as the Hispanic Student Association and the Member Leadership Program, which have fostered a passion for social justice, diversity and leadership. She is also involved in an ongoing project called the Latin STEM Fair, which is an event that aims to stimulate interest in the young Latino population of Gainesville in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Nadia has always found creativity and joy in learning new things and asking questions, which is why she feels that awakening that curiosity in the younger generation of students is so important in preserving a better future.

She is passionate about sustainability, specifically when it comes to sustainable energy, the garbage problem and revolutionizing the food industry to feed a growing world, all while maintaining biodiversity and a healthier planet. She believes that the application of scientific research should be at the forefront of solving these issues. Nadia’s plan for the future is to continue her education and research at a university to earn her Master’s and PhD degrees in Biotechnology.