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ALS 2410 – Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty

By challenge2050 4 years ago

(3 credits; No prerequisite required)

This introductory course builds a foundation for addressing global challenges associated with population fluctuations. ALS 2410 provides diverse and innovative experiences led by interdisciplinary experts. Students engage in discussion-based inquiry and collaborative problem solving integrating economic, environmental, food, health, and social systems. The following learning objectives are included within this course:

  • Develop an appreciation for the intersection between social and natural sciences necessary for addressing global challenges.
  • Apply systems thinking within local, regional, and global contexts
  • Use critical thinking to solve problems
  • Recognize and act upon leadership opportunities as a global citizen


Check out how this course impacted past students (from Fall semester 2013):

“I think that this class changed me in that I pay more attention to what’s going on around me. I am thinking about others as much as I am thinking about myself. I am looking around me at my community, and I am seeing problems we are facing. For those who are thinking about changing the world, this is a great class to do that.”

“This course taught me we cannot do it by ourselves. We need others, and together we have the potential for large-scale changes that can better our world.”

“This class has changed me and hopefully now I can change the lives of others.”

“Communication among systems is critical to us addressing the challenge. If we do not talk, there is no hope for a solution.”

“Learning about challenges we face in the future is disheartening at times, but we will overcome. At first I thought, what can I do? But this is a team effort and we are not going to see change over night. Sustainability is possible through incremental changes and the potential for a better tomorrow is real.”

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