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We believe in the power of human beings to change the world for the better. Aware, connected, creative human beings make innovative and inspired decisions. We cultivate the capacity for adaptive leadership and social responsibility in the next generation of global change-makers.

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ALS 3415 – Challenge 2050: Developing Tools for Changing the World

By challenge2050 4 years ago

(3 credits; Prerequisite: ALS 2410 – Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty)

Students will be exposed to skills, competencies, and dispositions necessary for becoming global change agents. Application within real-life contexts will provide students with experiential-learning opportunities. These opportunities provide the foundation for communicating critical importance of the challenge, influencing community perceptions, and developing innovative solutions. The following learning objectives are included in this course:

  • Broaden student perspectives regarding collaborative processes of team problem solving
  • Recognize purposive application of skills and competencies necessary for addressing global challenges
  • Develop skills necessary for communicating the importance of the challenge
  • Design integrative and adaptive solutions for solving global challenge
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