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ALS 3940 – Challenge 2050: The Experience

By challenge2050 4 years ago

(3 credits; Prerequisite: ALS 2410 – Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty)

Students will engage in trust building, accompaniment, and community development exercises within developing national and global contexts. Through the immersion experience, students gain understanding of concerns related to population fluctuations including issues related to economics, environment, food, health, and social systems. International reflection activities will provide students with the foundation for practical application aimed at sustainability in developed and developing areas. The following learning objectives are included within this course:

  • Develop experiential knowledge associated with addressing the challenges of population fluctuation in immersive contexts
  • Develop and practice cultural and intercultural competence
  • Develop and practice skills associated with trust building, accompaniment, and community development
  • Design community-based initiatives with resident populations to address challenges associated with population fluctuations in immersive contexts
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