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ALS 4419 – Challenge 2050: Creating Solutions

By challenge2050 4 years ago

(1 credit; Prerequisite: ALS 2410 – Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty)

Students demonstrate application of knowledge, skills, and dispositions developed in the first three certificate courses through a capstone project. In assigned, interdisciplinary teams, students will submit a comprehensive proposal for a development initiative addressing the Challenge 2050, how to sustain a population of 9 billion people by the year 2050 and beyond. Initiatives could include, but are not limited to, policy recommendations to state or federal legislature, white papers for an agency such as the World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, or World Bank. This course is a direct reflection of the “real work, on real problems, for real people” concept that is a critical part of the challenge-based authentic learning approach. The following learning objectives are included within this course:

  • Gain experiential knowledge associated with the process of accomplishing strategic goals with interdisciplinary classmates
  • Recognize how completion of a developed action has tangible value and community-level application
  • Explore adaptive challenges and advance adaptive capacity for development and implementation of solutions associated with global population fluctuation
  • Develop confidence and commitment for community and global leadership
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