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Tony Andenoro, Ph.D.

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Tony Andenoro, Ph.D., is currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Leadership Education within the Department of Agricultural Education, and Faculty of the Challenge 2050 Project at the University of Florida. He has held academic and student affairs positions at various universities including Gonzaga University, Fort Hays State University, Texas A&M University, John Carroll University, Prairie View A&M University, and Coastal Carolina University. He earned a BA in Communication from the University of Toledo, a MS in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University, and a PhD in Agricultural Education with an emphasis in Leadership from Texas A&M University.

His research interests include the development of creativity and intelligence, using storytelling as a vehicle for the development of self-awareness, the development of emotionally engaged thinking through dynamic educational means, and the globalization of leadership curricula. Tony has published several articles in journals, including the Journal of Leadership Studies, Journal of Business & Leadership, the Journal of Leadership Education, Educational Considerations, and others. He is particularly excited about his newest research venture, an examination of socially vulnerable contexts and the potential impact of hardiness training on the development of resilient and sustainable communities. This becomes paramount as we attempt to address the complex adaptive needs associated with a projected worldwide population of 9-11 billion by 2050.

He is absolutely passionate about teaching and contributing to the lives of his students. Along with this, he is also heavily involved in international and national service through several outlets including, his work as the Project Lead for the inaugural National Leadership Education Research Agenda, and his work with the Association of Leadership Educators, the International Leadership Association, and the InterAssociation Leadership Education Collaborative. Recently, he was awarded the 2014 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Teacher of the Year at the University of Florida.

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